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View attachment 7I had a domain registered with my hosting company. It is or has expired and I did not renew it. Lately, I have received emails saying congrats on registering your domain and do you need a website for your domain. Which I thought was funny seeing I never registered it again. So, I clicked the link, it had nothing to do with hosting, but for submitting it to a search engine. I can't believe that they want money for submitting a site to something that is free through your control panel or other free tools available to anyone that can search.

Now, does anyone here actually pat for submission?
I have attached a screen shot for their prices.


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And it's also a yearly subscription haha! You don't have to resubmit anyway. No way I'm paying for something like that.
I can understand someone who has a hot idea, product or something like and wants to get notice quick paying a company once to submit it. But having to pay yearly or for 5 years? I know the pains involved, but is there really 50 search engines? And if there is, would you want it submitted to all 50? I would think the top 5 would be enough to generate the traffic and ranking that you would want. There is nothing in there about content or anything else that a search engine would rely on.


I think those services are mostly for people who don't know better. Even if you do nothing, Google will likely pick up on your site in a week or so. Making it rank high is another matter, but just having it listed in search engines is easy. Also, @"strokerace" is right. Who needs their site submitted to 50 search engines? Most of the others are powered by Google or Bing anyway, including Yahoo, so Google & Bing are the only major ones.


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Google is approaching 70% market share. They are top dog followed by Bing. Since Yahoo is bing powered, and the rest are peanuts - google and bing are enough. Oh, and Baidu if you need visibility in Asia I think.


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My personal opinion is to ignore any emails like that, they scrape your contact info from whois records.

You would be surprised on how many people and businesses actually fall for scams like that. Very lucrative industry and it`s growing fast.


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Hi strokerace,

You do not need to submit website into search engine, some website hunting money by sending mail for search engine submissions.

As your website goes live and collect some backlinks, all search engines cralwer automatically crawl your website.