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People really fall for this SEO stuff? I know its free and what not. But do you really think it works to drive traffic to your website? I have never found the need to do any of this stuff. Most of my sites don't need traffic to them, or should I say, don't want much traffic. I was doing a bit of searching today and I noticed something that I have always thought. Alexa ranking is by the amount of traffic your site has for the group that its in. Google, will steal your photos and make them available in their image search. The rest is done by keywords and a txt file for a bot to add it to the cache of a search engine. But do you really need a plugin to do that for you? I get a 100 hits a month and don't think I have ever submitted a thing to any search engine. I had my site listed on some other sites that had link sharing, but they have been gone for years.

Why would one want to use or even pay for SEO service? Are you a business, organization or a club? I could see some web forums that may want new users. But I am a member of a lot of sites that don't want this and never submitted anything to any SE. Yet, google bots and some others visit their sites daily.

From what I can tell, there are tons of companies making a killing off of people for SEO submissions, yet they are getting no more traffic then if they didn't pay them or did it themselves. So what is it that drives someone to use they tools? I think this is a mystery like the secret of how they get the caramel inside of the Caramilk bar!


Haha Strokerace this is so on the number. There is BAD SEO out there. Plenty of it AND what's worse is that people are paying for it, including expensive plugins that break Google's search ranking rules. But there is GOOD SEO too, particularly the ones that are there to counter the BAD SEO. Google is known to hate SEO and what it considers "over optimization (black hat) techniques". Black hat techniques can create lasting damage that a Website will have great difficulty to get out off. There are some very basic "White Hat" SEO techniques, particularly ones that aim to get rid of the black hat ones, that are invaluable for promoting a Website search engine ranking. Ironically, there is so much BAD SEO ADVICE around, you do need the GOOD SEO ADVICE to counter it. It's become something of an art form as a result. Like needing an accountant to help you with your tax returns in Canada. Equivalent of needing an SEO consultant to act as a BS detector - also what the latest Google rules are. :p
That's just it. There are no rules and Google itself doesn't know what it is doing. You ever see a dog chase its tail? That is what Google is making you do. Those so called good seo is not good or should I say mean nothing. Search engines find sites based on search phrases or words. They place the most popular site first according to traffic. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. The spiders that they all use are out collecting words you have on your page. For an example, if you put the word "hack" on any page other then the index, Google will include your site when someone enters hack into a search engine. Even though your site has nothing to do with hacking. Its for that reason why I find it so funny that everyone listens or follows what Google seo tells them. When Google doesn't use what they tell you. When I am on my laptop, I will explain it more.


Although I agree Google is not doing it right, I do think it knows what it is doing. But it has too many interests and in this case they are conflicting. On the one hand Google has to kill spam, on the other hand it wants to have access to every link on the Internet,leading to both good and bad as it doesn't quite know which is which. It's a fail as well as a pass. Google can't quite get it right.
Google has it right. Thats the point. Its people who are misunderstanding what Google wants. Thus the reason why people pay for SEO. This is how simple it is. There is no algorithms as you put it. Everything is based on words and how popular they are. The more popular the word, the higher a ranking a site might get if it has high traffic. If it has no traffic, it will not get a good ranking and may not show on the first page of a search engine.

You have noticed that your site is visited by a spider from many different search engines. Well all that spider is doing is searching for words that user search for on a regular basis. It then cache your pages according to words. Thus they reason that I site shows up so quick on the search.

I will give you an example. Lets take my user name here, Strokerace. At one time you could go to google, put into the search and it would pull up all the sites I was a member at and my post that I made. More times someone searched my name, the higher up the list it was. The sites and post that I made where higher then websites that had strokerace in it. Not the case any more as most of those sites are long gone now and I have reduced my footprint on the net. I am not even in the top 10 any more. The same goes with my real name. My facebook page doesn't even show up in the listing as I told facebook not to link my name with the search engines.

Here is something I found today that may help you understand. Its for my site. Its from w3snoops snoop summary
This is a free and comprehensive report about The domain is currently hosted on a server located in with the IP address The local currency for is (). The website is expected to be earning an estimated $0 USD on a daily basis. If was to be sold it would possibly only be worth $10 USD (the typical cost of the registration fee for the domain name). According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of /10. possibly receives an estimated 0 unique visitors every day - this website is not very popular.

And here is the main site that I am a sud domain of. This site is defunk and hasn't had a visitor since 2008. Just to give you an idea how words get you listed and how it makes you popular. Not SEO submissions is ranked 14,969,735th in the world (amongst the 30 million domains). This site is estimated to be worth $1161. This site has a low Pagerank(1/10). It has 0 backlinks. has 23% seo score


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See, people consider SEO as important because search engine traffic is the only constant source of traffic. Even if all the referral sites of your websites die, you will still receive traffic from google because Google isn't going to die and neither people will stop searching google. Hence, if you spend more time on doing SEO rather than advertising on other sites, it can be more helpful.

For example, most of the people came to GigaRank thorough Google Search. If the admins wouldn't have done a decent SEO for this website then only few users would have joined here as a member.

Also, SEO is actually the most targeted traffic you can have for your website which will have the least bounce rate.


hitterman said:
For example, most of the people came to GigaRank thorough Google Search. If the admins wouldn't have done a decent SEO for this website then only few users would have joined here as a member.
Not to mention the owner - DJB - is an SEO consultant in real life. Gigarank may never have happened if it hadn't been for SEO. :p

@"strokerace" I've noticed that too. It used to be that old data could be dug up easily, but it's no longer the case. And you're right of course. Google knows what it is doing. It's people who can't figure out what it is, and while that is going on, SEO is alive and well in a thriving niche consultant market.
Still, no one has told me if they have had any luck with SEO submissions. I should you what w3snoops said about my site. It said I had no traffic, yet I show 100 visitors per month. Thats 100 users without ever submitting it to google or any other search engine. No SEO submissions etc. I have a robot txt and a spider txt file to stop being indexed. I can remove or alter it and get tons of traffic. Traffic that everyone and their brother is trying to get with SEO submissions or adding it to a search engine. Then I showed how the main domain gets traffic, yet its dead and not even readable any more. Just a place holder for the domain.

Maybe we should create a test site and see what happens to it. Seeing My site here is still new, only 2 or 3 people know about it. Maybe I should see how it fairs for traffic if I submit it to a search engine. I don't mean use SEO tools or anything like that. Then after 1 month see what I kind of traffic it gets. Then compare it to this that have use SEO tools and google admin tools.


Sounds like a great idea Strokerace. Someone with the same kind of Website could use the google admin tools and you go without the tools.

Now to find the other person first. Maybe there's a volunteer around. :unknown: