Server resource usage


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Do you mean 2 percent of the CPU? It really depends what kind of software you are running, and how many users you have. Most likely this will not be sufficient for a popular ecommerce site. Usually popular ecommerce websites are hosted on a virtual private server or dedicated server(s) or even from "the cloud"

If you plan on being successful in the near future it may be smart to get a plan with more resources!


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I do not know the target of CPU measurement specifically.
For example, CPU load average, response time to CPU etc?
If you monitor each other with two CPUs, you also need to consider that relay.
If it's a load balancer you can monitor every 30 seconds, but I do not know until what to do.....


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On terminal, you can use "top" command for usage values. You can "free" command for memory usage without cache. You can also use "ps -aux" command which for each account's (web site) source usage values