Server Specs :Cloudlinux VS Unix


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I notice Gigarank servers specs uses CloudLinux.

In relation to that , my previous webhosting uses Unix.

Now is it secure to use linux than unix. Here's my logic.. If lots of people uses linux, there's a high percentage that lots of people mess with the linux in contrast with unix which is not open source... :lightbulb:


I'm not sure. Open source also means that security problems are more easily found and fixed.

When you say your previous host did use Unix do you mean the original Unix? Isn't that kind of old? Maybe you mean some derivative such as BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc.? Some of these are open source (OpenDSB, FreeDSB, OpenSolaris, etc.) and probably uses much of the same software as many Linux distributions so probably suffer from many of the same security flaws.

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