Setting up settings so that I can use Heroku hosting


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Let me preface this by saying Im somewhat self taught with things, and may not use correct terms. I hope that that doesn't hinder getting help. Also, this is my first Stack Overflow question, so have some grace, please... if it's not appropriate formatting, etc.

<strong>I'm trying to set up DNS settings, etc. so that I can enter in a domain name, and then have it point to my</strong>

<strong>Essentially pointing -> and so on.</strong>

<strong>I've looked in the help in re: to domain forwarding, as well as other stack overflow questions related to DNS Simple, hoping that it'd rub off on my inquiry and I'd be able to figure it out.</strong>

I'm kind of stumped though. I hope you can help me. I've been doing wordpress stuff for years, and am finally excited about learning Ruby on Rails. I feel like if I can push things quickly via Heroku and see them live on my site, it will be a big boost of confidence in a sometimes bewildering endeavor.

Thanks in advance!!