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I ran two simple wordpress websites and try to limit using lots of plugin. Currently I use 6 plugins but my favorites so far are
Akismet, which has banned thousands of spams
Wp-Optimize, removed unnecessary data from mySQL
Any Mobile Theme Switcher, combined with a wordpress mobile theme is useful to redirect users in case they are browsing using mobile devices


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Any Mobile Theme Switcher sounds interesting. I wonder if I can use it to display different ad units for mobile users and desktop users.


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Any Mobile Theme Switcher functionates as redirecting only, to get proper display for users. And the ad units depend on which units we install on both the desktop and mobile themes


If you are going to develope your own or just check new Theme, FakerPress is my recommendation. It easily adds fake posts, comments, pages, users and all the fake data could be easily deleted, once you want to add your own entries. FakerPreess even generate featured images for you.


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i recommend these:
a simple plugin to like posts and if you choose from it's settings, people can like pages
also works with wp super cash

this plugin optimize's your wordpress site and minifie's CSS and javascripts pages, so your website load's faster

all in one seo pack
as it's name says, this plugin is for optimizing seo
it has many options, but some of them for advanced users

broken link checker
if your external links break, this plugin notify's you


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It really depends on what you want your outcome to be. Example:

Designer: Bakery
SEO: Yoast
Security: Securi
Cache: W3 Cache

There are so many option out there your choices are unlimited


If you want your WP Website to comply with the EU cookie law regulations and put such Notice on homepage ...I can recommend the following plugin to do it:

Cookie Notice by dFactory

It is simple and do just what it says, nothing more or less.


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Ill be fair i lile plugin:

No plugins!. Plugins is getting your account suslended due to heavy resource usage or virus.


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My favourite one has got to be W3 Total Cache, it's just fantastic!
It does all the hard work in making your website much, much faster. Obviously you'd have to do some manual work if you want it to be super-fast, but it gets you 90% there. Less load on the server, less Bandwidth usage, much lower load times and better user satisfaction overall (=> Better SEO) It really is a must for any WP site.


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My favorite plugin is ultimate add ons for visual Composer:drinks::drinks:

My Favoritr plugin is Visual Composer

My favorite plugin is Visual Composer:sleepy:


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I love all of Lester 'gamerz' Chan's wordpress plugins, especially the pagination and emoticons one. I also love to use Contact Form 7 and ReCaptcha.


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Here's my list of fav Plugins for Security at the moment:

- Akismet
- Sucuri Scanner
- WP Force SSL
- Login Lockdown
- Disable Rest API

Would love other suggestions, too :)


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A common problem when you build a Wp website is the size of the pictures that can influence the load in mobiles or tablet. I use the plugin Smush It that automatically resize and optimize all images in the website