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You need your WordPress site to load fast and for that my favorite recommendation is WP Rocket which is the best WordPress caching plugin on the market. This plugin offers an all-in-one approach to WordPress optimization allowing you to instantly improve your speed and performance with no technical skills manages to remain beginner-friendly while still offering deeper functionality that advanced users will love.


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Contact Form 7, because it gives a wordpress website a working contact feedback from the visitor and/or user. Tons of features, fully customizable and easy to setup and add on a webpage. Uses reCaptcha anti-spam by google.

Flamingo is another plugin that works alongside Contact Form 7 that allows messages sent to be saved in the database, just in case the email server or smtp is not working properly.


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The best plugin so far is Astra as it has all the alternatives of designing and also helps with elementor plugin best plugging some of you should try it out


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Best plugin is probably memberpress and bbpress and elemtor. Best for good looking proffesional wordpress sites.


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I like WordFence because it's the best plugin that provide security for my site, WPForms because it can create very powerful forms, MonsterInsights because it can help me view info about my site stats and help me to improve my site, WP Rocket because it's the best caching plugin and it can speed up my site, and much more.


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My Favourite Wordpress Plugins List;
Akismet Anti Spam To Get Rid Of Tham Spamming Shitty Comments And Featuring Tags.

Wp Smush: To Get My Bulky Images Optimised Within A Single Click And Give Me A Better Speed Optimisation.

Rank Math: Everyone Knows It Is For SEO Of WordPress Blog. I Like It Because It Has Option To Add More Keyword In Their Free Version Also More It Has More Fantastic Design Than Any Other SEO Plugin.

In Case Of Designing Site My Vote Will Go To Elementor Because I Like No Other Plugin For Such Awesome Designing With An Easy Manner.


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Suppose it depends what you're doing; what kind of website you're looking to run.

As a web-store, WooCommerce and Tawk are quite handy. Mailchimp I think also for newsletters and the likes.


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My absolute favourite WordPress plugin has to be All-in-One-WP-Migration.

I've been using it for many years. Reason I found it was that while I was still posting for VPSs, the VPSs tended to come and go very fast. So I had to find the quickest way for migrating my WordPress sites. The migration plugin provides for migrating WordPress sites the fastest. Previous to this plugin I had been using Duplicator Plugin, that had quite a few issues, i.e. the specs of the destination server had to be just right so more often than not this Plugin created issues for me. It also had too many steps, so took very long for all of the processes. Whereas the All in One WP Migration tool was super simple to use.

First step is to install the All in One WP Migration Plugin in your current Website. Note there is also an Extension to the tool that you have to find by Googling it. Can't vouch for the link below, but this is how I found my extension plugin and have been updating it all of the time:

Use the plugin to create a backup of your Website. Download it to your favourite storage. I usually download it to my computer. The plugin provides many options for storage.

Then create a new database for your destination server. Make sure the destination domain name servers have been sorted out and DNS propagated. Then create a new WordPress site at the destination. Once in the new site, download the All in One Plugin, and you will then be able to import your backup. Make sure to resubmit/save the settings twice after the migration has been completed. And you're done!