Shared Hosting FAQs for beginners (PLEASE READ before you start posting)

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What do I need to do to get a shared hosting account?
You have to make 10 QUALITY posts.
Please read the Terms and Conditions for Hosting below - which you will need to accept as a condition of hosting:
Shared Hosting Terms and Conditions (Shared Hosting TOSs)

Do I need to make more posts once I've received a shared hosting account?
No, there is no requirement for further posts for a shared hosting account. However we recommend that members visit the Forum regularly in order to check up on hosting announcements that may affect your account, such as cleaning announcements.

What are quality posts and how do they work?
GigaRocket is a post to host business. Members have to make 10 QUALITY posts for a shared hosting account. Quality posts are posts that are more than one-liner posts and that have some meaningful discussion in them that make a contribution to the topic of the discussion. Please note that inquiry type question threads and threads in the support forums don't count as quality posts. Nor do posts in the off-topic sections of the forum. The latter posts are subtracted from the total of posts for hosting when hosting applications are considered. We recommend that you read our Guidelines for Quality Posts before you start to post.

Warning: Too many one-liner posts made in a quick succession of one another can be considered as spam and lead to a ban and/or removal of the forum account.

What are Gigarocket's Forum Rules?
Gigarocket's Forum rules are available at this URL:

Can I use my shared hosting account for games?
Gigarocket doesn't allow its hosting to be used for games. Games are strictly prohibited.

Can I have more than one Shared Hosting Account?
No. Only one shared hosting account is given when the member has complied with the requirements. If we should find that the member has applied for more than one forum account the account will be cancelled with no option to re-apply.

What are the Free Shared Hosting Specifications?
Please read general information here:

The shared hosting is without any ads and comes with a genuine cPanel with a Softaculous Installer with all of the scripts. In summary the following are the specifications for Gigarocket's free shared hosting account:

1000 MB Disk space
25000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
10 Mysql Databases
10 FTP Accounts
25 POP3 Email Accounts

Special Features of the free shared hosting account include Softaculous App Installer with all important scripts
Wordpress / Joomla / Drupal/Prestashop / Opencart / Magento/phpBB / myBB / Simple Forums
Let's Encrypt (free SSL)
NGINX & Apache (200% Faster)
DDOS Protection Shield

Do I get a free domain with my free shared hosting account?
No. Gigarocket provides a free sub-domain only for the free shared hosting account but no TLD. However if you wish to use your own domain we can make that your primary domain for your shared hosting account. When you provide us a primary domain you have to use our name servers at your domain registrar so that the domain will point to your hosting account at Gigarocket.

What are Gigarocket's Name Servers?

Do I need to make posts to keep my free shared hosting account alive?
No, there is no need to make any follow up posts once a shared hosting account has been given. However we do encourage our members to visit the Forum regularly to check for announcements that are made that may affect their hosting account, particularly during periodic cleanup of hosting accounts. Your participation would also be a good way of showing us that your hosting account is alive.

Can I park my domains or use the shared hosting account for e-mail hosting?
No, you can't. We expect you to put up a Website on your hosting account within 48 hours of receiving your hosting account. Inactive hosting accounts are a security risk and will be removed when found to be inactive.

What support is available for the free shared hosting account and how do I ask for help?
The free shared hosting is supported by our Tech Admin and Staff. Please don't PM the Admin or Staff. When you ask for support please provide FULL information including your cpanel name, Website, and complete details of the problem in a thread that you have created in the Hosting Support Forum.

If you prefer to have your inquiries private, you can create the above inquiries in our Private Inquiries sub-forum.

Note: Please create meaningful support threads only, i.e. content of which will show that you have already exhausted other sources of info by Googling the topic first both in the Forum and the WWW. Spam threads will be removed from the support forum. Also note that support threads do not count towards quality post credits for hosting applications.
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