Shooting at UCLA


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My thoughts and prayers go out to all that are involved in the shootings at UCLA. Especially the two victims at which deceased.
Please pray!


Darn, I just read about this. Why did I guess it would be near finals...When I was in college I know everyone would go a little nuts near finals week. Suicides rose then too. Then again, maybe it was someone living in the city. Big city crime rates can be pretty bad. My thoughts go out to everyone impacted by this tragedy.


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We need prayers in America. shootings are becoming a regular occurence. I am confuse about the position to take on gun laws though.


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This is a messed up thing, I don't know why the person did it and how it happened. But anyone who just walks on to campus one day and shoots people isn't something that should happen. This is happening to often now for the US not to do something about. If this doesn't stop soon there could be a rise in crime. The government needs to workout how to make this stop. If they don't then there won't be anything anyone can really do to stop it in the future when this becomes a bigger thing among individuals who are thinking about anything like it.