Shortcode plugins for own custom cms like wordpress shortcode plugins


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I have created a custom CMS for my own and a plugin system that is working as I expected.

Now I want to create plugins based on shortcodes,
[gallery attr1=100 attr2="string"] and [mycode title='message' color='#F00']Hello World![/mycode]

I want to handle the above mentioned shortcodes in my CMS.
Functions will replace shortcodes with HTML and get & set attributes as parameters for mySQL queries or something else.

may be regular expressions will help, I am not expert in regular expressions. I would don't like to use such regular expressions if there are other smiler or good ways exist .

CMS developed using PHP and mySQL.

I have visited the wordpress developers sites and got the concepts, I have already created functions that register or set plugins, menus, theme sidebars etc.

I think this info is enough to get the point as I can just explain in this way.

thank you in advance