Silently Uninstall ALL previous MS Office Software


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I am trying to silently uninstall ALL previous Microsoft software in order to run a vbscript to install Office 365(which works).

This is what works currently.
Using the scripts from here:
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From this link I use
OffScrub7.vbs &amp; OffScrub10.vbs which uninstalls ALL Office 2010 products and all Office 2007 products in theory, but it doesn't!

After running uninstall scripts above, they still leave Lync 2010 and MS Access Database 2007 (32-bit).

Whats the best way to make sure all previous office products are uninstalled including the above software that was not uninstalled by OffScrub7.vbs &amp; OffScrub10.vbs ? My guess is to find silent vbscripts to uninstall Lync 2010 and MS Access Database 2007 (32-bit)?