Skype Stand Alone Installer


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just share information,

do you like chat and video call using skype?

sometime we must install while online ( using internet ). if your connection slow you can download stand alone aplication on their official site.

here is the link



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I use Skype as I don't like paying a monthly fee for a land line. Its actually a pretty cheap alternative. I usually get by with only $15 a month in minutes.

Although there are some great alternatives out there if you don't want to pay. VoIP is a very effective way to chat with people without paying a penny. Mumble, Ventrilo, and Teamspeak are just a few examples.


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this is what i am looking for since i was browsing that net ive seen but i think is not safe from downloading file from anywhere since this is from skype server im 100 safe, thank you again for sharing


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Great you're security conscious jreign. I'm also suspicious of Skype even before I use any of its bells and whistles. Skype, Facebook and Google are the three I'm most wary off from a security of my personal information point of view.