Slave I/O: error connecting to master


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I'm following this tutorial for <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Master-slave-replication</a>
for my database replication and this working fine for test servers in which both servers have not ssl installed. But when I trying to do the same with my production server where only master has ssl installed not slave server, I'm getting this error
Slave I/O: error connecting to master 'server-ipaddress:3306' - retry-time: 60  retries: 86400, Error_code: 2003
. Is this problem of ssl connection or something else.

Also when setting up mysql configuration on master server after taking dump file of database and unlocking tables my mysql server shut down with my website showing this error
error establishing database connection
after restarting mysql my website working fine again.

My master server is running on nginx server with wordpress installed and I have also checked that 3306 is listening on my master server.
Why my slave unable to connect to my master server, any solution?