Slide out navigation through swipes for UIView to overlay another UIView


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On my research regarding this navigation technique, I've found <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this post by Nick Harris</a> which is a good start I suppose. However, what I want is slightly different from this. You can think of it as iOS'
Notification Center
when you just have to swipe from the top to show the
and just swipe back to hide it again. In my case, I wish to reveal a hidden
coming from the right side of the screen with a swipe gesture to the left and also hide it again through the same gesture (this time to the right).

I've managed to get a solution on my previous <a href="">post</a> regarding showing/hiding a UIView. One thing I wish to add is the swiping gesture.

I wouldn't want to tweak my app delegate to do this as Nick Harris has done. So if anyone has any ideas/code samples on how I could do this, I'd be much grateful.

Shed some light :)