So... I just want to tell everyone... Hello!


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Hello Everybody!

I am 19 years old and I am a student who searching a new opportunities learning in ICT. I am very interested in Linux operating system and Network/Network services. I am very sorry for my English because it's not my "native" language :) But I hope you guys understand me because I don't have problem with reading what you write here, just writing to you is big challenge for me and maybe finally I learn this language by practicing :)

So... Thank you for understanding (or not) and I hope learn something new from here and maybe help someone :) Best wishes for all GR users!


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Hey dude, welcome to Gigarank :) I hope you will find many information here about Linux and networking :) Your english seem to be fine to me haha :)


Welcome to Gigarank BlackRat! Your English is fine, and I applaud your effort writing in a non-native language. I know how hard writing in one can be sometimes. Looking forward to reading your posts!