So what plans do you have for your summer holidays?


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I've got to go on my summer holidays one of these days, but still haven't figured out where it will be. I'm inclined to save the travel money for buying a new computer and phone, and maybe do some diving in Oman which is not too far away instead.

So how about you? Any plans for the summer?


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tieipestora said:
Come to Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clapping:
Sounds like a GREAT idea. Which island in Greece has the whitest beaches, with plenty of swimming potential, and not too many people per square inch?

Sander k

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I am going off season, its cheaper.
Going to Center Parcs in the north of Limburg. Still in the Netherlands tho.


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My summer holidays ending on July 21. Just 4 days!! :undecided:
I have done/doing these things, this summer:

1. Health-Workout daily
2. Study Mathematics-Discrete Mathematics to be specific
3. C++ Programming
4. Data Structure & Algorithm books
5. PHP-MySQL-JavaScript
6. 1 movie/week
7. Family Guy 1-8 season episodes.



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Before the summer is done - I want to:
* Buy a new computer
* Get my finances in order or structured
* Get more organized with my web projects