Softaculous>Ad management>Gpix not working


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New installation of the software in subject not working, probably something missing from php. I saw it working on another server with same version of Softaculous.
You can check out the errors at
My cpanel username is domainel

Please advise.
Thank you


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@Loglive. As far as I know we're on the latest version of php. I've Googled the problem and it came with plenty of search results and it looks as though it is the latest version of php that is creating the problem. Like when php got upgraded it affected some of the scripts particularly with the Pear Package that became outdated with the latest version of php. Maybe if you could track down the PHP version that your script was able to work with before, you could change this to that version in cPanel. There is a feature in cPanel where you can select earlier versions. It is the link just before Softaculous.

Here is a useful article about how to change the php version in cPanel. It recommends however that you use the latest php version (for obvious reasons) - maybe you could check with the Domain Registrar that provided you with your script whether there is an updated script available - makes sense that there would be?


Here's an idea how the latest php has affected scripts:


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Sounds like you haven't installed PEAR properly. Btw, Pearl it's obsolete or his successor is MDB2 (in PHP 5.4) , consider upgrading to something like PDO instead


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You have the PHP version selector in cPanel which should allow you to select legacy PHP versions.