Spotify vs Soundcloud


So i have started to use Spotify and Soundlcloud since both offer different types of songs. Spotify seems more professional and official compared to soundcloud which is more indie and unprofessional because anyone can upload a song. Both are good for me since it means I have more songs to listen to.

i was wondering what your opinions on the two different music providers.


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I prefer Spotify more as with just a couple of taps on my phone i can start one of my favorite playlists and you can use the web app which is good too. Although i have hardly used sound cloud so for all i know i may like it more and it may even have better features.


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Spotify didnt accepted with cover song or any copyright infringement. Soundcloud is sound like youtube in audio format.


The thing with Spotify is the amount of data space it uses gets huge when it comes to the Android app. I don't even use it that often, and yesterday I cleared 500MB worth of app data. Clearing data is not something I often do with Android apps, because the app goes back to the default settings, but Spotify leaves me no choice.

I haven't tried the Soundcloud app, but the website is decent enough.
Most of the time I use's radio feature because they have a much larger selection of music. Either that, or streaming radio stations via


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preferred spotify although i did not yet try soundcloud. But i love the way spotify categories the songs and the ease of use in the android app.


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I've used spotify with promotion of 2 month pro: it's powerfull, simple and has large music collections.
Desktop software and app (tested on android) works fine.

Since my trend is listen a loop of 10 favourite songs, that service is too much.


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For official songs i go for Spotify. If youre looking for remixes or genre like electronic, I'd go for Soundcloud.


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Because spotify has a clean and smart mobile app, which is actually fundamental for listening music. Most of the people likes taking their phone, searching a song and listen it instantly. Spotify has even more music than soundcloud.


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For me spotify is more organized than soundcloud the research fonction of soundcloud is very bad also offline option of spotify is very useful


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Hope- said:
I actually like SoundCloud more, too bad they don't have a desktop App

I'm playing music on their desk top app right now, They have one for Windows and Mac, Linux too except on linux you need the WINE simulation to use it and it dosen't work out too well on linux simulation.