SSD Hosting?!


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I migrated a website from traditional HDD to a SSD-powered hosting and yes i feel the difference in speed.
The site works much better now, but i can't tell if it's faster because of the servers and the configuration of the new host, or because of SSDs.


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From my point of view -you don't see a difference in case you host simple site. Because in most cases bottleneck is network. But if you run heavy application that operates with realy big database and big number of files - you feel difference. For other cases traditional HDD is enough.
There is no difference on most set ups. Although some will swear that the SSD is faster and a better then a regular HD. There is an issue with SSD drives. Its also the same issues that you have on a flash drive. Once something fails on them, thats it, all data is gone. No what of switching out things to try to recover it. It is also sensitive to voltage spikes. The same applies to a thumb drive.


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It doesn't make much sense to use SSD drives for web-hosting - the content, which is being served to visitors is static and in most cases cached in RAM of the server.

SSD drives make much sense on mail servers, where a lot of I/O operations are happening during normal operation.

The difference between magnetic HDDs and SSD HDDs is several times faster sequential write (120 MBps on magnetic, 600 MBps on SSD) and much shorter random access times.

To test your server's HDD for sequential write speed do this on the linux console:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/zerofile bs=16M count=128 conv=fdatasync

When this command finishes, it shows the real sequential write speed of your HDD.



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SSD can respond faster than HDD , for websites, games that require database is the best option.


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Many web hosting owners I know tell's me that SSD is better one, they told me it's faster compared with HDD.