SSL certificate and whmcs license

Sander k

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Hi guys,

I just bought a small hosting plan with you (invoice #456, which I paid) and I would like to use a SSL certificate on it. I need a dedicated IP right?

Can you sell a WHMCS license to me with a hosting reseller?
If yes, for how much?

Sander k

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Genesis said:
Must be a good feeling. Well done! :cool:
It does my friend :friends:
I sold all my websites and shut down my server in Germany.
I am going to start up a new "company" from a reseller from here.
I hated that server settings cr*p and hated to pay people to do stuff for me.

I am going to work on that paid WP theme the next couple of weeks to translate it in Dutch and make it my own before I upgrade to that reseller here and move my free account in there as well.

It will be a host with 2 free hosting plans, one compleet free (forced ads), one post to host and one paid plan. The website and support will be in Dutch. It will be for people that have assisted living, people with mental health problems so they can participate to their country with their ideas and stuff. So that people with problems like that can help eith other.


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We can sort you a dedicated IP although you will have to arrange your own whmcs.

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