ssl protection removed


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i have seen that gigarank has removed ssl protection in cpanel.when i tried to login today in my cpanel then i did not see the lock icon of ssl protecton near address bar.

is it true ssl protection removed from cpanel? i have seen gigarank was using ssl protection before and also seen lock icon last time when i logged in my cpanel.


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i logged in my cpanel before my this topic and i not seen lock icon. it showed unprotected connection.

i logout now and again logged in cpanel then it shows ssl protection rite now.

why this happened? please see the image below .this is image of my browser will show unprotected connection when i tried to login cpanel. and also please see that url in address bar shows instead

looks like something went i thought to inform gigarank. sorry i could not able to see file upload option here so i am posting link to download that image.


If you navigate to "cpanel.yourdomain" it will redirect to the untrusted connection.

If you use "yourdomain/cpanel" it will redirect to the trusted connection.


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thanks for info about it. next time i will make sure i navigate to

may be i navigated to i didnt remembered.

thank you:good: