Starting Out



I am a retired professional photographer who also runs and develops websites. I have a forum for some other professional photographers (4 of us) and we do a lot of teaching and positive reinforcement for each others work.

I know all about forum spam and I think you are doing the right thing. I did read all of your addendums to membership and will abide. I will say that I am brand new to VPS and just moved a website to a VPS server. As one who has used shared hosting since 1996 I immediately saw the learning curve and the speed of a VPS server. That's why I am here. The 50 posts are peanuts to what I need to understand so i will grill you for knowledge and take total advantage of the intelligence here so that when I come due for a free server I will be up to speed. Many Cheers for your day, TCrowe


Welcome to Gigarank, @"crotographer"! Glad you found us. You should read the VPS terms and conditions if you haven't already, since you will need to apply for a hosting account first. Welcome again, and looking forward to reading your posts!