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Today in an arabic site I read an Interesting topic about Free online learning and I decided to translate it for you to share the knowledge.

The last of our years we heard about many educational sites that are trying to consolidate learning, especially because of the inability of many people to go to schools and colleges, or due to lack of time or money, or because they have grown up in age and do not have the ability to access to colleges and universities.
There are a plenty of those most famous sites on the network.

But the problem facing many of these learners at these sites is that the certificate is very expensive.

For this purpose Alison educational site was established , it was founded by a young Irish Mike Feerick

2007 , to be one of the few sites that offer sending certificates of Diploma Course completion to your home free of charge.
Up to now about three million learner attended , 350,000 learner of them were able to get a certificate.


It is worth mentioning that Alison site offers many courses about programming, languages, medicine, marketing and management , physics and many others.
Alison site has partnerships with larger companies such as Google, Microsoft and British Concil.

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