Suggestions for a good Sound Card and Video Card for a new Desktop Computer


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So it has come to the sad day that I'll have to finally let go of my old equipment due to Windows XP that is no longer supported. There are many down sides, like no driver available for Windows 7 for my printer or scanner, and the sound with Altec just completely deteriorates to bearable audible.

In anticipation of that, I was wondering what sound card you could suggest that is not too expensive, but will get my very old 2002 Altec Sub-Woofer to fill my house with sound as it used to. I don't even have to have my volume up much to get solid sound with the old system I have now, however if one checks up on the Internet, all of that goes out the window with any new up to date hardware and operating software. I had that experience in South Africa in March when I was helping an aunt of mine purchase a new computer, and the volume was almost muted. Could barely hear a peep out of the computer.

Also, I'd like a really nice Video Card .... I've got NVIDEA GeForce 7300 with my present old system and have been very happy with it for all of the time. What do you suggest?


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It depends on the usage of music and video card tbf. You might want a music sound card especialy made for music people, or normal sound card for gaming and thats the same with video card, but for gamers or not.


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Many motherboards have built in DAC's and sound cards, for the graphics card, id recommend a 1060 because it is one of the best for the price!


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For sound card i will suggest Creative Sound Blaster, with regards to model it will depend on what your purpose. As @danwill200 said many modern motherboard has good sound card now a days and no need to buy a sound card unless you have a special purpose to do so.
With regards to video card you can always go to NVIDIA 1060 or above model but if you want to go economy you can always go to AMD APU.