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Hello users of Gigarank,
Today I present you my new forum, TechVPS. We're deticated to help with your VPS problems. You can always post a free service in our "Freebies" section. You can also discuss about your VPS.
Why not join today?

Hope to see you there! :smile:


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Pokeman, is that going to be freeware and shareware, or "licensed" software, as if it is licensed software, it is considered warez, and warez is strictly against the rules here. I hope you know what the difference is as if not, I suggest you study it carefully. If we do spot warez on your Website we may have to remove your link here.

Warez is commercial software that has been pirated and made available to the public via a BBS or the Internet. Typically, the pirate has figured out a way to de-activate the copy-protection or registration scheme used by the software. Note that the use and distribution of warez software is illegal. In contrast, shareware and freeware may be freely copied and distributed.
Source of definition:

There is also more information about the subject in Wikipedia:


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There is nothing wrong with posting freeware. What is wrong is posting warez - copyrighted and licensed software that has been pirated ( "cracked"). Even if someone else has posted the link on your Website, you are still ultimately responsible for what goes into your Website. For example, if our Tech Admin should find warez on any hosted account at Gigarank, whether published or not, the account will be immediately banned for life. Refer our Terms and Conditions of Free Hosting service:

Prohibited Use
Gigarank prohibits the use of its servers for:

* Text based online games that use crons to deliver mass mail.

* Web proxies of any kind, php, CGI etc.

* Hosting illegal scripts like vBulletin or Invision Power Board (IPB). Hosting such scripts without our consent and a legal.txt file in the directory is prohibited.

* Hosting illegal materials such as commercial audio, video or music files or any other copyrighted works, for which the account holder does not have the permission of the copyright holder, or any other material in violation of UK/US Law.

* Adult material such as pornography, erotic images or otherwise lewd or obscene content.

* Racist, defamatory, obscene, indecent or other unlawful material.

* 'Warez', such as pirated software, ROMS, emulators, instructions or software for phreaking, hacking, password cracking or IP spoofing etc.

* Promoting and/or engaging in pyramid sales, Multi Level Marketing or similar activities.

* Engaging in illegal activities.

Account holders will not post (nor allow to be posted) web pages containing such material or links to such material, nor shall they store such material in their server space, nor shall they transmit such material by email or any other means.

Gigarank reserves the right to determine whether any material or use is prohibited.

Gigarank reserves the right to remove any such material without warning and suspend or terminate accounts without access to a backup or notice.


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Great to hear. My concern is that sometimes people don't know the difference between "free" and "warez". So this thread provided me with a great opportunity for educating those who are not sensitive to what "warez" means. There are heavy penalties for servers in the US and UK (that I know off specifically, but in quite a large number of other countries as well) that are found to host Websites with warez in them. All of us could be vulnerable if warez was found on someone's hosting account, or if we allowed any one to post materials or links here that contained warez. So it is something very serious, to be conscious and mindful off, particularly if you are inviting people to post free services on your Forum. You'll have to moderate all of the posts very carefully as though you have been responsible for publishing them yourself. So it may be a good idea too to publish rules against warez on your Forum.