Tennis anyone?


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Myself and my other half recently started to play tennis at the local park in a bid to try and lose a little weight and keep the heart healthy.

It`s a great way to exercise your body whilst having a good time. It`s great for relaxing and unwinding after work.

Anyone on here play tennis? Any tips for me? :rolleyes:


Take a few lessons from a professional player just to make sure you get the body movements right. Very difficult to unlearn bad habits. Otherwise you may develop repetitive injuries later. Will also improve how you play.

Tennis is a good sport for being social as well and great way to connect up with others. Something you can do for the rest of your life basically with much less effort than running a marathon.


I was playing it a lot more where I was younger, now I just don't have enough time ...but I play it occasionally....but since me and my co players are complete amateurs, we play it always in pairs ...if we play single games, too many balls are not being returned...ha.