The 2 seconds rule


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Very True bro, some users only visit the site and exit instantly themself from the sites. Actually we should create the site with such contents through which your visitors not need to go to any other site..


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I think DJB is doing a stellar job with the new blog, and the way he has set out all of the information about our services on the Home Page. I can't imagine that any one navigating to Gigalicous would only stick around for 2 seconds however. The only reason they'd click on Gigalicous would be because they are looking for free Website space. So it would take them a little more than two seconds to read through what is offered. And there is plenty to read. I'd say a blog and the Forum are great tools to get interest.


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when I first time visit to, them I saw a forum. And from that day I am always here. Now just start loving Gigalicous Forums. Its the place where we share our thoughts, ideas, coding, every thing and also Gigalicous Share free hosting with us, so what can be the big reason to stay at Gigalicous Forums??


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Sander k said:
Most visitors only need 2 seconds to decide if they want to stay on your website or not.
Males 4 seconds, females 2 seconds, so to be safe we only take a look at the females :p
I'm curious. Where did you get this from? I.e., can you point me in the direction of the source?


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I'd love to know the source on this one too - especially rationale on why there's a difference between how men and women consume content.