The Fifth Estate Movie - Julian Assange - WikiLeaks


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This is not a review about the movie as such, more like wondering about Julian Assange's ethics to release ALL of the documentation that a US army person in Afghanistan leaked. Particularly since that put the lives of some of the individuals that had been discussed in the documentation, and who were working under cover in the Middle East (Libya for example) at risk.

Do you think what Julian Assange did in that specific instance was justified?

I like open and full disclosure myself. But not at the price of people's lives who are risking theirs in international espionage. Probably not always easy to decipher which is which and whether international espionage is used as an excuse to hide sins behind. But still, I get the feeling that Assange had gone too far. Some of what he did was great, particularly waking the US Government up with regard to the security of its communications systems against hacking, but maybe Assange had been too hasty to release all of the documentation without editing them first to protect individuals who had been working under cover.

Good movie. Really made me think. Also marvelled at how good a hacker Julian and his two main associates must have been. And the kind of obsessive personality that must have been responsible to make that intense kind of hacking possible.