The Hold - mixed media conceptual

Looking out from 'The Hold', the only safe place you could find, you're alive BUT you're alone!

Ever wondered what it would really be like in a Zombie Apocalypse, what would the World really look like, how long would it take for nature to reclaim her territory, how long could you survive the rampaging hordes of Zombies, what would you eat, where would you sleep, what would you drink, and possibly the most troubling question of all for me personally, would you be alone if you survived long enough, loneliness is the Soul killer, even in a bustling City it is possible to feel totally alone inside yourself.


The sky background is from one of my own photographs, the rest is made using Photoshop CS5.
Thanks Buddy, I just made a change to the ground texture but can't edit the original post, very frustrating.

This is the re-worked ground version: