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The best method for accelerating a computer is the one that boosts it by 9.8 m/s2.


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I had to reload the forums again. Don't ask why, it should be more stable now.

Forum styling coming in a couple of months.

A partial return to free web hosting coming later in the year.


Nice to see that you haven't given up on free hosting. Personally I won't need it because I have moved on to pay for my own hosting now but for someone that just starts out and are not ready to pay yet it can be invaluable.


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Question: How can you guess that the elephant is sitting with you in the bath?
Answer: By the faint smell of peanuts from his mouth.


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The uncle of a boy named Octopus comes into the room and asks his nephew: - Hey, Octopus, why did you open the window? - To ventilate the room while no one was in it. - I screwed myself, I opened the window myself!


I was browsing the BBC website today and found an article with the title "War in Ukraine: Fact-checking Russian claims that Nato troops are fighting in Ukraine" (

The way I read this title to begin with was that there is some "fact-checking" person from Russia that claims Nato troops are fighting in Ukraine. I thought this was hardly surprising but odd to use the word "fact-checking" to describe a conspiracy theorist.

When I read the article I realized what they mean is that they (the BBC) are "fact-checking" claims from Russia that Nato troops are fighting in Ukraine.

I wonder if this is down to me being a non-native English speaker, or have I fallen for the ambiguous news title trick again?
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