The Martian


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I watched The Martian last night and was quite surprised by it, it isn't one of the fastest paced movies and at times it felt like a chore continuing to view it but none the less the story was interesting enough to keep me engaged. Oddly it didn't feel like it went on for more than 2 hours so that's got to be a plus. I tend to find Matt Damon a little too jovial in his characters and really didn't know if he could pull off such a serious role but he did so and then some, there were the odd scene where I found him a little hard to put up with but in general I felt he did the story credit.

Any one else watched this flick yet and what did you think to it?


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I watched it too and I agree with your opinion. Even thought it isn't one of the fast paced movie, I kinda enjoyed it but not as much as Gravity. It didn't have the wow factor or didn't keep you at the edge of your seat.
Nonetheless, I would recommend people to watch this movie only if you have about 2 hours to spare and have nothing better to do with your time.


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I've been meaning to watch it, I like scifi/space movies, but it seemed like the ending would be obvious - 100% certain he'll get saved, while one/many of his rescuers will sarcrifice themselves to do it.


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Lol this will always be a good show, I miss watching this show do they still have more Eps of this? i would not mind even watching that tonight to be honest with you woooo


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I read the book after seeing it. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how close the movie follows the book. Not just in the set pieces, but also the pacing and feel. The movie didn't feel like 2 hours, and the book didn't feel like I think 16 hours... Definitely a great movie and book. I know how it's setup and ends that there really isn't any way for a reasonable sequel, but I'd love to see one.


Just read the book for a book club that I'm in. Not the most well-written book and the humor seemed like the author felt it would be a good idea to insert a joke every five minutes, so that it comes off as trying too hard. The science aspect of it was definitely fascinating though.


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I loved it, I thought the sci-fi style was really cool. And it would be freaking awesome to go to space, always been a dream of mine. Really hope they make more episodes.


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i have to day the movie was... ok... i guess idk it happens to everyone i guess but after you read the book the movie is just kinda meh i loved the book so deam much that maybe i have the HYPEEE way to above possible but i think that what was the worst of the movie was that... i didn't felt as motivated as in the book (idk maybe the book is more "happy" than the movie)


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I enjoyed this film, i always imagine what it would be like if that actually happened. It's a great film. but not the best film for that type.


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It was a nice movie. Even if you call it a science fiction, it is totally scientific.... nothing unscientific is shown here, and it is just a fantastic movie and so is Matt's acting.