The MyBB website "impending release of MyBB 1.8"


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Has anyone taken notice of this warning message on the myBB website?


I`m guess from that message the myBB community are almost ready to release an updated version of the popular free forum script (this forum is m,yBB powered) and revamp their website.

Well about time too, it`s only been what say 6 or more years looking the same and the script being the same without any major version updates. It does work well though!

Here`s more information on myBB 1.8:


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Yes, I've noticed it Chris. It's been there for a few weeks now. Also on some of the plugins. Curious to see what the outcome is going to be.
Some of the old url's on MyBB are no longer valid, the new Mods url is here:

I've tried to be active in some small level of participation there by releasing some graphic resources for MyBB but don't have enough time to keep it going, hopefully the proper update of MyBB2 wont be too far away. This update to 1.8 is more a facelift than anything else and is pretty disappointing when you install it especially when you discover the Mod's from 1.6 you wanted to use on your forum wont work and have yet to be updated. Some of the behaviours there are still very cliquey which is more than a little off putting but that's the way of most places really.