The Pyramids


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Came across this photo on my Facebook feed today and thought I'd share - puts into perspective the massive size of the pyramids:



I hate pyramids
for me they are a symbol for bad leaders who used their people like slaves , a world symbol of miss use the power ... a very big symbol indeed
these pyramids are cemeteries for the pharaohs khofo and his son Khafre and his grandson menkawra , they all did not give Egypt anything but these pyramids by the way and were built in years for nothing

I read somewhere that a Pharaoh ordered people to build a temple for him and everyday he ordered people to take the stones of this temple to cool them and rebuild the temple again ( everyday ) !! so in the morning he find his temple inside like air conditioned place :)

I wonder why tourists come all across the world to see cemeteries in Egypt , by the way there are more than 100 pyramids here smaller than these 3
and there are pyramids in Sudan and latin america but no one care about them

Wanna see something amazing ? Go visit Luxor and Aswan not Giza
Wanna see something you will never ever see anywhere else ? Go dive in Sharm

my country is beautiful just stop looking at these stupid pyramids


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I guess everything that has been built in Egypt did come with slave labour. We've just made slave labour into something more dignified in the current age. I define slave labour as working for a wage. So I'm basically a slave. It has its own unique form of torture. I'm also thinking of the huge gangs of labourers in Dubai who are imported from countries like India, Bangladesh, etc. That is genuine slave labour and they are not always very well treated. So technically the tallest building, Khalifa Tower, is a symbol of slave labour as well - including all of the other sky scrapers that are part of the Dubai concrete jungle.

Agreed about the tourism issue. Something that would irritate me too. But at least that seems to be a source of revenue to keep the pyramids alive.

Any way, just found another interesting YouTube program from about the Pyramid of Giza and possibility of it being used to generate energy that was beamed upwards. Quite fascinating.


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I loved visiting Egypt, but no matter the photograph, it just does not capture the enormity that is the pyramids. That picture did come pretty close though.

I agree with the comments about going to Aswan and other temples over the Pyramids. While they are one of the seven wonders, there's not really much to them, other than size. I won't comment about slave labour though - as there are a few theories and none have been proven as of yet.