the right social networking platform


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I'm looking for social networking software I've been using oxwall and I'm happy with that but have had issues with updating plugins through ftp, I'm happy to pay monthly for the site but it has to be right!
in the past I've used socialgo - xitti - wallfm and spruz....I'm happiest with oxwall at the minute if I could only get support with the updates
anyone know any good social networking softwares ?
also does anyone know social building software that allows adult content ?


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I don't know, but i am keen to help later tonight when i come back from the college. Anyway you should be able to find something on Google, Im sure that there will be something.


New member is allowed adult content. I mean your photos should be following their guideline term of service. You will meet alot best photographer on there.


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@ oxwall, I'm wondering if there's a way to install an older version of it because I'm getting the same problems when trying to update the plugins that I got on other hosts after installing it through cpanel
current version's 1.7.1

Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/aya/public_html/oxwall/ow_system_plugins/admin/controllers/plugins.php on line 43

or may be I'm fed up of oxwall might look for an alternative i just liked the editing capabilities of oxwall

searching Oxwall forums for this issue they say
*ask your hosting to install zip and zlib extension*