The Walking Dead

We have seasons 1,2 and 3, I found season 2 to be the better season and found Rick losing the plot in season 3 pretty annoying. I was really disappointed with season 3 in several senses, I was hoping that something hinted at in season 2 was going to be built upon further in season 3 but was let down. Did any of you notice that in season 2 we were fed a few red herrings with some of the Zombies being more 'aware' than we might be comfortable with, most especially with the one who watches Rick closing the lid of the tank, it seemed they were suggesting the Zombies had some higher brain functions in play. This of course would result in a seriously menacing problem for the remaining survivors, alas this wasn't followed through in season 3, they just seemed hell bent on showing Rick going bonkers, I still enjoyed season 3 but felt quite frustrated at the same time.

Are there any fans of this show here?


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Walking dead is super fantastic. Season one was best. Season two was good as well, but each season since has gone more downhill.


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Im a big fan of the series and a comic book reader. I tried getting into the comic books but found the differences too much for me. The characters are awesome in the series and the fact they arent afraid to kill off main characters leave you wondering whose next.


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I got into The Walking Dead very late, during season 6 last year, but I binge-watched the series and know the whole of it now; I don't like and never read the original comics....because I watch TWD for Daryl Dixon, and there is no Daryl in the comics. :heart: :p


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I really like the dead moving amazing series
I loved all seasons except season 7
It gets like a war series as if it lost what it was in previous seasons that they survive and migrate from place to place do not know something in season 7 has changed in any case waiting for season 8