This Is Ironic


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I want to share this with you, as it struck me as so ironic, almost to the point of being weird. I had a female Collie named Brandy for 14 years and 2 months when regretfully I had to have her put down due to age and advanced arthritis. I got her when she was about 8 weeks old and she had a great life, but at the end she could no longer stand or walk. She was sable and white with a solid head in that she did not have the white marking on her face that some Collies do. I had her put down February 25, 2011.

Now here's the weird part. Recently I was looking up information on allergies in dogs and treatment for it, when I noticed a woman in the article pictured with a female Collie with the sable and white markings, and the head was also solid much the same as my Collie had been, and it floored me when she said the dog's named is Brandy! The article was dated in 2014, so it was some time after I lost my Brandy.

Weird or what?


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Wow, that is a great coincidence. Like minds working in parallel. Just shows how humans are connected with one another and thinking laterally on the same wavelength. :cool: