Threat to freedom of surfing the Internet


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Whenever I hear about Government's trying to create legislation to control the Internet I get seriously worried. I have this doom's day vision of us one day going to need to get a license to surf, and being issued an e-mail and surfing license from our Government for which we have to provide an ID, as well as pay license fees. Think that could be one of the worst things that could ever happen to me, as I think part of the fun of the Internet is to be able to surf completely free and also be able to participate in Forums freely. But when the big corporations and Government frequently issue press releases about hacking attempts and copy right infringements, I really get worried.

So what threats do you think there are that may hinder our free surfing of the Internet?


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Well I certainly hope you're wrong. Don't know what I'd do without the Internet and would hate to need to register with a license before I can move around, but if that is necessary, I guess I'll just go for it. Change and all that .... if you can't beat them, join them.


I can't see this happening at all. I'm a hacker by trade (a positive one of course), and it would be near to impossible to control the Internet to the extent everyone would need to be licensed.


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I have to agree with Justin. I can't see it happening at all Hellsing. Just much too huge for Governments and Corporations to control. We won't allow them to do that either.


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Information should be free from censorship and blocking. They'll never be able to prevent people from accessing content or sites, they'll find a way through proxies/vpns and other means to access the things they want - whether that be legal or illegal content.