Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Site


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Hi everyone,
I am wondering if anyone has tips they'd be willing to share on how to drive traffic to your website, and preferably for free? I know social media are big ones-- but even with those-- how do you get followers on Twitter, Facebook etc, without buying fake followers or email lists?


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I have the same problem, i need to increase traffic for one of my websites and its pain in the ass to do it if you dont know what to do.


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I'd say if you have something worth following you'll get all of the followers you need. Content is King. Then work that content to your advantage. I.e. make regular comments in Facebook and Twitter for example. Blog regularly. I'd say that your topic about classic cars is already a good starting point. I'd join some discussion groups - which I'm sure you must already have done - and then make sure you participate in a way that would get people to be curious and motivate them to check out your site.


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Facebook stands out for me, except I sometimes wonder whether it is always the traffic one needs. I guess it is better than nothing and a tool that stands out for me. That and of course content is always king. If one has a Website that is alive with plenty of new things on offer, one will get the traffic.


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I would start with making sure that you get into search engines.
You can start that process by adding a robots.txt file to your root directory.

Of course that is just the start. Research web crawlers and Spiders.. put out as much spider bait as possible.

You are right about social media traffic. They tend to be browsers a lot more often than they are buyers, or in our case donors.
Getting targeted traffic is tricky.

Make sure your site is SEO friendly. Use relevant key words and meta description. Don't just use a lot of popular key words, spiders will dump you for that.

It used to be that submitting your website to search engines was a great way to go.

Today, search is a commodity. If you want the good spots, you are going to pay for it no matter how well you have optimized your site.
Posting to social media sites does have one good aspect. It will mean that you will ride them in the Search engines.

Meaning, they already have a lot of traffic, so if your link is showing up on their site, you will get some residual traffic from that.

Word of mouth is still a good method.

Hobby sites don't really mind browser traffic, but if you expect to sell anything, you will need targeted traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.

And while you may not want to or be able to pay for top search engine positions, you can still get up there by making sure that your SEO is up to snuff.

With REspect,



1- Join forums with huge number of active members , write about your content and insert a link to your website

2-Put your website link as a signature in every forum you join and be active poster to increase exposure

3-Create FB page and ask your friends to like and share with their friends list

4-Create twitter account and tweet about your website content # use trend hash-tags

5-Update your website weekly at least to grant new content to return visitor

6-Try mail lists and ask visitors to join and get updates about new content

7-Use FB comment App so visitors can write about your website content , and reply to them is a must too

8-Use g+ , Google like using its products and will help your website rank

9-Use forums to connect to people with same content to put a link to your website in their pages

10-Make sure your website is smart phones ready , lots of people use mobiles for browsing

11-Be creative as much as you can , use pictures slide shows , soundcloud tracks , maps , videos etc ... to explain your ideas


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I will share what I've got from some social network traffic.

1. Tumblr
- Their traffic is really good if you have writing usefull article. You can write about gossip, politics or other trends on this day.
- Never know this socmed showing at google search indexing.
2. Stumbleupon
- If you want to get US visitor so this socmed is right place for you. Also they will take a screenshot of your website. If you have nice theme maybe it will make interest the visitor.
- Never know this socmed showing at google search indexing.
3. Pinterest
- This place is for people who want to share their photography skill. But some people maybe in passive user. The good news is if we have a blogsite with good article then post it with unique pictures to attract other users to visit our website.
- I've seen the SERP position of keywords from pinterest is top five in google search.


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The Most Important Thing For It Is Make You Website User Friendly, Fast Access, Easily remember able and up to date.


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From personal experience it's best to seek out those with similar interest as everyone mentions and feed of each others ideas to build a friendship / network to rely on. This is foundation of what makes Reddit a hot ticket, all it's users work with each other for a common result "a Solution" this kind of energy is viral in the sense that everyone wants to be involved in a major way of feeling important.

This is what drove me to create my Roku Channel. My kids loved watching Boowa and Kwala on the web from uptoten DOT com . Yes I know that's not the right address but I have not earned the right to provide weblinks. Needless to say, this content is very unique and partially available through channels on youtube or individual apps. To date, I'm only aware of one single DVD which we naturally bought. So a few months ago I was playing on my android browser and loaded the webpage, this time I noticed something different it loaded a mobile page that was not present before. In that moment I had a thought go through my mind, what would it take to make this content work on a Roku?

I spent 20mins on the web looking on ways to get the content to pull one source brought me to InstantChannel, which meant had to fill out a template of info including URLS. So as a free user I was granted 10 live links, which then the system would compress as a secure code that you would then upload to Roku to distribute as a Private Channel. So then as a test added the vanity name "Boowa" and added the channel to my Roku account and sure enough it was playing the 10 videos from my phone. Now that's interesting.

This just made me more curious, so I sought out the developer and host for Uptoten with an idea. I would like to provide a window / gateway to allow Roku users the ability to view your content on our TV's is that ok? The deal was YES, as long as I was not making a profit. So as a first time developer I agreed and that granted me the ability to proceed.

I spent the next few months studying the ROKU SDK and finally was able to push out more than 50+ music videos from the creator live. To this moment with permission I have access to original content that is awaiting final approval to become a public channel.

ps. It's not as complicated as it looks, what I'm trying to figure out now is how to make the channel autoplay like it does with Netflix and HuluPlus.