Traffic Stats for May 2015


Below are the traffic statistics for for the month of May 2015

Unique Visitors: 24,886 (+8924)
Hits: 2,108,809 (+1,255,090)
Pageviews: 1,393,504 (+1,096,129)

New Threads: 83 (-31)
New Posts: 1834 (+626)
New Registered Users: 2926 (+578)

*colored numbers are the difference between April and May.


New member
getter DONE! :)

I wish you all the best! The -31 new threads I assume are banned users or other spamaliciousness? Good job keeping the forum clean. Nobody likes a site with terabytes of spam posts per legitimate post :D

Still, 83 new threads thing has to be bumped a lot. It's awesome though considering the market, and quality of threads. Maybe some niche targeted topics would help boost that?

I'll try to make more new threads - I'm a heavy responder but not a heavy topic creator.


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Although less threads are created, there is an increase in the number of posts and there are a lot of new users who have joined.


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-31 also means that the content quality on this forums has also been increased. Remember, it's always quality that matters not quantity. :). Great work Team GigaRank!