Twitter API authentication keynotfoundexception


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I've gone through literally every single tutorial there is about using the twitter api for WP7. It's my first time using oauth and it can quite confusing. I'm trying to make it so my users can tweet a message and a picture. I went through this tutorial on oauth and several other ones (but am using this one atm):

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a>

Also found some great help on stackoverflow about posting photos here:

<a href="">Upload image directly to twitter</a>

But for the authentication portion described in the blog post above I keep on getting a "KeyNotFoundException" on the line "
OAuthTokenKey = parameters["oauth_token"];
" I've tried to figure it out but can't come up with anything being my first time doing this. There doesn't seem to be much help anywhere else because every tutorial is uses different techniques that are hard to put together, so I came to you guys. If you know a fix, please let me know! Or if you know of a recent tutorial out there that works great right now please let me know!