U.S. Pharmacueticals


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An interesting read - I was not surprised nor shocked by the revelations but disgusted by the depth. I imagine that most of you realize that Pharmaceuticals LOVE chronic conditions that have no cure.


A drug intended for treatment of schizophrenia being pushed for treating ADD and senior citizens. This is a long read but well worth it.

Over 20 years ago ADD and ADHD were the decease of the year - my stepson was diagnosed. I was very skeptical about the prescribed Ritalin treatment - a lot of TLC and an occasional swat on the backside does not have the same side affects of the drug, but can be effective (though it is a LOT of work and exhausting). When he was grown up he told me he felt like he was in a fog when taking the medication.

The U.S. Health CARE Industry is an excellent example of capitalism run amuck. The older I get the more convinced I am that modern capitalism are pimps - education, health care, prisons, etc.

For you non-U.S. folks, is Health Care in your nation this FUBAR?

(To clarify, I am in full support of vaccinations for children. However, I draw the line at treating children with any type of psychiatric medications indiscriminately - should only be LAST resort)


Good link! There's something scary going on when a ton of the guys I know, especially among those who went to public school for some reason, have ADD and have been taking meds since they were little. I don't know exactly what's going on, but I bet someone somewhere is making a ton of money off this.


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Great article. I can only wonder the side effects of the meds, particularly if used for a long time, and how many other drugs are needed to take care of the side effects.


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You are welcome for the good read.

One of the supposed side effects of long-term Ritalin use is liver damage if I remember correctly - another profit stream for Big Pharma. Shortly after I made that post I read another article about adult level anti-depressants causing suicide in depressed teens/pre-teens.

Yozora, you are right, something is going on. The drugs are being pushed so problem children/seniors/etc. can be more easily "managed" (or controlled), and to expand a drug's market.

While all this reminds me of Soma from "Brave New World", I will not go so far as say it is a conspiracy - more likely simple greed and gullible doctors prescribing this like candy.


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Of course pharmaceuticals love chronic conditions with no cure. They don't make money off cure. I think it would be a safe bet to make that claim on pharmaceuticals the world over.