Uninstalling a magento extension


Staff member
I've been trying to uninstall a magento plugin I've recently installed to reinstall it using Magento Connect. The log said that the plugin uninstalled successfully and if I go to the admin panel, the plugin's no longer there but when I went back to Magento Connect, the plugin is still listed there so I can't reinstall. Why is this happening?

Based on the answers, what I've tried so far are:

<li>Clear cache through Admin Panel </li>
<li>Removed wordpress entry in core_resource </li>
<li>I've made sure wordpress xml in etc/modules is removed </li>
<li>I've made sure Fishpig folder in app/code/community is removed </li>
<li>Cleared cache in var/cache </li>
<li>Cleared cache in downloader/cache </li>
<li>Checked if there's xml for wordpress in var/package (there was none)</li>
<li>Reindexed magento</li>

And none of this worked. The wordpress extension was still listed as installed in Magento Connect. I've been trying to uninstall repeatedly but it just won't go away even though the log said that the uninstall process completed. I've also tried reinstalling and upgrading. No success.