Updates for 2022


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Hello and welcome.

DJB here, founder of Gigarocket.

I have an importmant annoucement to make. Later in 2022 we will be returning to the free web hosting sector. Before that can happen we are going to rebuild the website to give it a sleek, modern feel and look.

We will not be using cPanel for the free web hosting, we will test out some of the open source web hosting control panels with the goal to select one that suit our requirements (suggestions are welsome).

Will we return to offering free VPS servers? That's up for discussion at the moment. If we can suscessfuly monetise the website and rebuild up a team of world class volunteers then probably yes.

The plan is to also provide our visitors with additional free tools such as scripts, web tools and themes.

I shall keep you posted and thank you for reading.
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We are underway with the revamping of the GigaRocket website. We will be using the Xenforo commmunity platform for the forums with a customised bridged version of WordPress to host the blogs. I have started rebuilding the website in a staging environment. I expect it to take another 4-6 weeks to finish the website and open it up to testing.

  • June/July - relaunch the website
  • August - relaunch the free web hosting service (open source control panel or 'direct admin')

WANTED - somebody with photoshop skills that can make logos and graphics such as banners and hero images.