Updating themes built using underscores


Staff member
I'm a starting out wordpress theme developer and am contemplating using the underscores starter theme.

The issue I seem to have in my head is that I will be building themes for intended for general public rather than clients, so I will need to come out with new theme updates and I also assume many people like to keep up to date with wordpress updates. Now I keep picturing a scenario where the theme can break depending on theme and WP version update variations which I definitely do not want to happen.

Many themes I've used have a parent and child theme to counter losing any styles and theme settings or broken themes. However, on the underscores site, they mention not using it as a parent theme.

What is the best way to approach building themes to be used by general public that don't break after simple updates ?

Should or shouldn't I use underscores ?

If yes to use underscores, should i work with it as a parent/child theme ?

In conclusion, I want to build nice themes that work well and don't have conflict, lost settings or break after theme/wp updates all the while using great tools such as underscores(or some other starter theme). Are there any veterans out there that may have some advice on how I should approach development ?

Will much appreciate all and any answers. Thanks !