Using cfpop to access gmail in CF8


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So I need to use ColdFusion 8 to check a GMail account for emails, eventually I'll download the attachments. I've Googled and not found much except for the following code. What bugs me is that, that's all I've found.

So is this the best way to go?

Here is the code. I've included the link but there is not much more information.

    javaSystem = createObject( "java", "java.lang.System" );
    jProps = javaSystem.getProperties();
    jProps.setProperty( "mail.pop3.socketFactory.class", "" );
    jProps.setproperty( "mail.pop3.port", 995 );
    jProps.setProperty( "mail.pop3.socketFactory.port", 995 );

<cfpop action="getheaderonly" name="rsEmail" startrow="1? maxrows="50" server="" port="995" username="[email protected]" password="yourpassword">

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Using CFPOP to check mail on GMail</a>