Using Jetpack Portfolio Project in WordPress child theme does not call archive custom template


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I have a child theme that uses the new Jetpack Portfolio Project custom post type and wish to modify archive.php to display custom results.

I'm using: WordPress v3.9.2; Theme: Child of <a href="" rel="noreferrer">Point</a>, Jetpack is installed with Custom Content Types enabled, and Portfolio Projects selected in the Settings. (No other plugins that implement portfolio functionality are installed.)

<a href="" rel="noreferrer">According to the Codex</a>:

Template Files

In the same way single posts and their archives can be displayed using
the single.php and archive.php template files, respectively,

<li>single posts of a custom post type will use single-{post_type}.php</li>
<li>and their archives will use archive-{post_type}.php</li>
<li>and if you don't have this post type archive page you can pass BLOG_URL?post_type={post_type}</li>

where {post_type} is the $post_type argument of the
register_post_type() function.

My understanding is that if you create files called single-jetpack-portfolio.php and archive-jetpack-portfolio.php within the child theme, WordPress will automatically use those files in place of single.php and archive.php respectively.

However, my child theme successfully calls single-jetpack-portfolio.php, but completely ignores archive-jetpack-portfolio.php, instead calling archive.php in the child.

I am stuck for a solution.

From the codex above, adding to the URL "?post_type=jetpack-portfolio" does cause the child theme to correctly use archive-jetpack-portfolio.php, but should I need to be manually modifying every single URL to explicitly specify this? Should WordPress not automatically be detecting this, as it does for the single-jetpack-portfolio.php file? How can I solve this?

I have tried:

<li>Resetting the permalinks in case it was related to that (changing the option in Settings and saving and back again)</li>
<li>Adding an archive.php file to the child in addition to archive-jetpack-portfolio.php (I initially didn't have an archive.php in the child, so it used the parent's archive.php)</li>
<li>Publishing a new Jetpack portfolio project and updating an existing page (I read somewhere that publishing something might trigger Wordpress to see the changes)</li>

Thanks in advance for any help.