Using Reseource Improvement Programs


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There have been a number of resource improvement tools, softwares and scripts online which promise a lot of stuff including help increase the speed of the computer by cleaning up stuff.

Personal experience has told me that using them once would result only in short term benefit after which the computer becomes more addicted to these softwares and the computer starts performing badly after some time.

Is it true? Could someone with more information or knowledge on this share more information on this?

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The only one I'm using is CCleaner for a quick cleanup. Thats all.
Some years ago, I tested a lot of tools which promised more speed, but my suggestion is:

1) Avoid installing / deleting prgorams too often,
2) Cleanup the TEMP-folders,
3) If you like use the Windows disk defragmentation tool and you will be happy.

By this way you can spend your money for other things.


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I've been using Advanced System Care since years and it really work like a charm clearing my registries and deleting temporary file that windows might make you can try it out :smile: