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Hey archomage!

I am new to linux without much background..
but i can reccommend Centos 6.x or 7.x for 2 reasons:
1-very lightweight.
2-Supported by the new free centoswebpanel which looks cool and have lots of features.

Good luck


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I have been using CentOS Linux 6 for five years with VPS, and I think I will be using CentOS Linux 7.3 if I use a new VPS.
I am familiar with CentOS Linux 6 i386 (32bit).
However, we recommend that you use the latest 64-bit version.
If you study from now on, I recommend CentOS 7.
If your friends are using Ubuntu, your communication is great, and I recommend Ubuntu.


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CentOS is the best one for beginners I think. I started with that before moving to Ubuntu. CentOS is very easy to learn and there are thousands of tutorials about it. Second best and easy one to learn is Ubuntu.


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jurkus7 said:
Hi i prefer use windows 7 for VPS because it's very easy for me and he works stability

Wow, that's brave. With any linux OS, you have a full access to everything. Also it is easy to maintain when you have power of super user and ssh. While on windows you can encounter many problems when something goes wrong. Also server software is mostly made for linux. I would recommend you to try CentOS or Ubuntu. If you are afraid of linux, install virtual machine with Ubuntu and learn some basic tricks for terminal. Ubuntu is usually the first step in the world of linux for many people as it is easy and has a very good support forum and you can find many solved problems on stack overflow. After a few weeks, you'll understand why to avoid windows on server.

If you have a week VPS (or any other server), go for CentOS, if your server is powerful enough, ubuntu might be a better idea as it has more packages and better documentation. Also many projects have a fabric file made for ubuntu. So if you'll need to deploy your project to CentOS, you'll need some time to configure fabric file.


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Basically all OS can run a a vps.. But as the previous post, Centos is more stable and less depend over all time update needed. CentosWP work ok too, but it change totallty the main minimal version, but again you see a dedicated os to run a vps.
Hope that could answer a bit more..


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Ubuntu/Debian is good for VPS , fast , stable and every command easy to understand .

I've use it more than 4 years .


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Ubuntu and Debian are good choices. For the first: easy to use. And also they don't include excess features in my opinion )


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CentOS is stable for use. In my company use for DHCP server, DNS Server, Domain Controller. Easy to config. Now I try to make email server with zimbra Comu.


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archomage said:
Hi guys,

What operating system do you recommend for a VPS that will host a web server (LAMP / LEMP).
I have seen so far CentOS and Ubuntu server work, however I do not have sufficient experience in order to make a good judgement on which will be better.

I'd say Debian is for your more experienced user - I'd start with CentOS first as there are loads of documentation available using CentOS and it's an efficient OS to use for building Websites. It's definitely good for every one including beginner users. I have never used Ubuntu before - not so sure it's a distro I'm ever going to use except when one day I'm looking to use Linux for a desktop computer instead of Windows.

Aykut Meral

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I Have been using CentOS for 12 years. But before you use it, read articles about CentOS on the internet. The you can use CentOS.