Wacom Intuos Pro + Art


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Unfinished test



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aya said:
first painting of 2016 complete!
Her name is Candy


Blast, that is good. The subject looks like a strong-minded troublemaker. I salute those who can do such artwork.


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A new commission, this graphics tabled is allowing me to do work that would take weeks with a mouse within hours so I can focus on getting (almost) photo quality realism..



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thanks you 2 :pardon:
here's a vid of how I did it, 12 hours compressed to 4 minutes.. .



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I can't see the photos :'(
How are you getting on with the tablet? I came here because I just bought the Intuos (not pro) edition and deliberated for quite some time whether or not it was worth me investing the extra money for the Pro. If you're receiving commissions I imagine you have the talent to warrant the extra kit! Since I mostly use mine intermittently for small illustrations rather than fully detailed pieces I don't know if I would do the pro justice.
How does the programmable interface work? The 4 command buttons on the Intuos I find a little limiting, but I've made as much use of the on-screen menus as possible so I'm content (and I also LOVE the tablet!! I've had cheaper things in the past and some years ago too, so my mind's blown at how much the tech has come along since)