Want to sell Smart-Stop.Com with 5000+ page views

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I want to sell my semi established website Smart-Stop.Com
Website getting started good amiunt of traffic from this Nov-Dec. 2014.
Here are few stats from Google analytics.
16 Dec 2014 - 16 Jan 2015
PV - 8130
UPV - 3387
Avg Time on Site - 00:01:22
Entrance Bounce Rate - 54.87%
Exit Rate - 35.38%
More than 150 url indexed in google and it's aprox 90% traffic coming from google organic search.
You can start any kind of niche or sell all kind of stuff at Smart Stop.
I was planning to start a ebook store with a sundomain eshop.smart-stop.com but due to some personal reasons I've to sell this website.
What You'll Get with this website-
Lifetime support for this website because this is favorite website.
You can pay via paypal. If you are interested then PM your offer.


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You should post a price for that. Then other users might judge your price with the market price.


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I'm asking for Minimum $1500 for this website because now this site is getting approximately 10,000+ U/V and 15,000+ P/V per month with less post or data's and one other thing that Now I'm working on Eshop with Digital goods like ebooks and softwares and soon It'll be complete. Means more income opportunity. You can check it at http://eshop.smart-stop.com.
After adding minimum 50 items in shop and adding a good theme I'll make a link on main site for users.
Income Opportunity:
1. Google Adsense
2. URL Shortner like adf.ly etc.
3. Eshop.Smart-Stop.com
Now It's depend on you that how much you can make from this site. If anyone interested please PM your quotes.


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